Used Jura XJ9 - Cup Count 1136

Used Jura XJ9 - Cup Count 1136

The IMPRESSA XJ9 Professional cuts an outstanding figure where the quality of the drinks served is just as important as aesthetics in architecture, ambience and design.

It creates perfect latte macchiato, cappuccino, café crème, espresso and ristretto at the touch of a button.

Meanwhile, the clear and symmetrical design, sophisticated chrome-plated bean container and brilliant silver finish add a touch of charisma.

Please see specific details of any machine defects below.

RHS of the machine is damaged (the panel is unclipped where it should be, it stands out of the side) - this is for the bottom panel and top panel on the machine. Alongside this, the nozzle is wobbly on the LHS. Error appears when trying to make a drink (Not enough ground coffee) - tried to make an Espresso, worked when putting ground coffee in the machine. Filter needs changing. The top hopper is wobbly and removes from the machine very easily, the slider to close the bean shutter also doesn't work as well due to this. Markings from a previous sticker are left on the face on the machine grounds drawer).

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