Fairtrade Coffee to Help Provide Shelter

Fairtrade Coffee to Help Provide Shelter

ShelterBox exists to support families who’ve lost their homes following natural disaster or displacement from conflict. In a blink of an eye, everything known to communities can be lost and they believe that shelter creates the space for people to recover. Since its initial founding in Cornwall in 2000, it has supported families in over 95 countries with over 270 deployments providing aid for over one million people.

ShelterBox provides the tools to help families rebuild their lives after disaster has struck, this includes providing tents, water filtration devices, solar lights and a number of tools to help with the reconstruction of destroyed homes. ShelterBox are impatient to see a world where no family goes without shelter after a disaster, which is why your support is so important. 15% of proceedings generated from ‘Coffee To Provide Shelter’ will go to providing someone with the materials to rebuild their lives – together we can provide hope for people who have lost everything after a disaster.

15% of profits from each bag is donated to ShelterBox.

Proceeds are paid to ShelterBox Trading Limited which covenants all its taxable profits to the ShelterBox Trust a registered charity number 1096479.