Small Office Bundle

£181.00 £140.00

We believe that all offices should enjoy our wonderful range of fairtrade and ethically sourced coffee, which is why we compiled a number of bundles for offices of all sizes. Our small office bundle is perfect for those office spaces with less than 50 people, with a great selection of our featured products as well as the added extra of a syrup of your choice. The small office bundle consists of the following:

  • 1 x 6kg case coffee
  • 1 x 1L 1883 syrup bottle
  • 5 x 1kg bags Van Houten hot chocolate OR a case sachets

We have a range of coffee on offer – with four signature roasts as well as a decaffeinated roast. These vary in strength, ranging from mild to strong, this being dependent on roast type. To find out which coffee is the most suitable for you and your office, click here to explore our range.

We understand the importance of catering to all within the working environment, which is why in this bundle we have made sure to include the delicious Van Houten hot chocolate, in either 1kg bags or sachets. The 1kg bags are perfect for use in bean to cup machines, with the sachets being great for use in offices where simpler hot beverage solutions are used.

In addition to this we are offering a 1L syrup of your choice as part of this bundle with the accompanying syrup pump, allowing you to spice up any hot beverage. Made by 1883, these syrups are extremely popular with our clients, with the range of flavours accommodating to a wide variety of taste palettes. From traditional syrups to crazy flavours, 1883 are sure to have something for everybody – whether it be satisfying a sweet tooth or tingling your tastebuds, these syrups are a great addition to any office coffee station. To see the full list of 1883 syrups click here to explore their diverse range!