Medium Office Bundle

£320.00 £259.00

We believe that all offices should enjoy our wonderful range of fairtrade and ethically sourced coffee, which is why we compiled a number of bundles for offices of all sizes. Our medium office bundle is a great option for those office spaces that accommodate 50-100 people and includes a great range of our products as well as products from other companies we work closely with. The medium office bundle includes:

  • 2 x 6kg cases coffee
  • 2 x 1L 1883 syrup bottle
  • 1 x 10kg case Van Houten hot chocolate / 2 x cases sachets

We have a great range of coffees on offer, with our 4 signature roasts; El Capitan, Tromso, Up & At ’Em and Firefly as well as a decaffeinated roast for those who love the taste of coffee without the accompanying caffeine buzz. With this bundle offering 2 x 6kg cases, why not try two different roasts, with different strengths and tasting notes for your tastebuds to explore. To find out which coffee might be the most suitable for you and your office, click here to explore our range.

With a larger number of people, it is important to ensure that all staff tastes are accommodated for, which is why we have included the delicious Van Houten hot chocolate. We are offering this in both sachets or a 10kg case, allowing you to cater for the type of hot beverage station you have on your premises.  Whether it be for use in a bean to cup coffee machine or by simply adding it to hot milk, we are sure that Van Houten hot chocolate will be a hit with your office, just as it is in ours – with its sweet and rich flavours satisfying any chocoholic!

In addition to the larger quantities of chocolate and coffee we are offering you not just one, but two flavoured syrups and accompanying syrup pumps! Manufactured by 1883, these syrups allow you to add a burst of flavour to your beverages, with flavours ranging from the weird and wacky to the traditional flavours found in most high street coffee shops. We’re sure that you will find a number of flavours to spice up your office beverage station, with the full list of flavours being available on the 1883 website. To explore their full list of flavours click here.