Large Office Bundle

£518.00 £400.00

We believe that all offices should enjoy our wonderful range of fairtrade and ethically sourced coffee, which is why we compiled a number of bundles for offices of all sizes. Our large office bundle is great for those office spaces with over 100 members of staff, with larger quantities of our speciality coffee, a great number of syrups to customise your workplace coffee station as well as large quantities of the delicious Van Houten hot chocolate. The Large office bundle includes:

  • 3 x 6kg cases coffee
  • 3 x 1L 1883 syrup bottle
  • 2 x 10kg cases Van Houten hot chocolate / 2 x cases sachets
  • 1 x 1883 4 bottle display stand

With four signature roasts and a decaffeinated roast to choose from, our range of speciality and Fairtrade coffees are perfect for satisfying your coffee cravings. With our four roasts proving very popular amongst our existing clientele, we can guarantee any of our roasts will be a hit with the members of staff in your office. Varying in strength and tasting notes, we have ensured that each of our signature roasts accommodates a variety of different tastes – with berries, chocolate and amaretto being just three of the delicious tasting notes of our coffee range. With this bundle your have the opportunity to stock up on your favourite roast or why not try 3 different roasts and offer your workforce a diverse choice of strengths and flavours.  Why not check out our range of coffees here to find out more and explore our mind blowing medium roasts as well as our delicious dark roasts.  

With two cases of Van Houten hot chocolate on offer with our large office bundle, you can rest assured that the chocoholics in your office will be satisfied. Van Houten hot chocolate is available in both 10kg cases as well as sachets – with these options allowing you to choose the most suitable form for your office coffee station. Typically clients that choose the 10kg cases made up of 1kg bags of Van Houten hot chocolate are those that use the powder in bean to cup machines, with the sachets being perfect for stirring into hot milk if your office space has a simple hot beverage solution.

With this bundle you will receive 3 x 1L syrups of your choice with the accompanying syrup pumps. Made by 1883, these syrups come in a wide variety of flavours from sweet to spicy – there is sure to be something for everyone’s taste. WIth flavours including; caramel, nougat, popcorn and chocolate cookie – jazzing up your coffee has never been easier (or tastier). These syrups are guaranteed to be a hit with all staff members and with three to choose, your beverage station is about to be transformed with these delicious syrups. To see the full range of syrups available click here.  

Not only will you receive syrups from 1883, but you will also acquire 1 x 1883 bottle display stand – capable of holding up to 4 x 1L syrup bottles. This stand will fit into any office beverage area, keeping it tidy and organised whilst easily fitting in aesthetically.