Underdog Coffee Co is happy to source and supply the best commercial bean to cup and espresso coffee machines to suit your requirements. Whether you're an office in London or a cafe in Devon, we have the right commercial coffee machines for you.

We have access to dozens of bean to cup, espresso, and filter / bulk brew coffee machines in all shapes and sizes.

bean to cup coffee machines

Ideal for busy offices

Bean to cup coffee machines are the best option for busy offices. With the ability to make dozens of different drinks at the touch of a button, everyone is sure to be happy.

Easy to clean

Most modern bean to cup coffee machines feature one-touch cleaning programmes, which means the coffee machine does all the hard work for you.

Great for employee morale

Workplaces consistently rank great coffee as one of the top three perks at the office. Happy employees are productive employees.


Ideal for any hospitality venue looking to impress

A fresh coffee direct from an espresso machine is the best way to enjoy any coffee bean.

An hour to learn, a lifetime to master

Underdog Coffee Co will train you and your staff up on a new espresso machine when the machine is installed. It's up to you how much of an expert you'd like to become.

All the theatre of an Italian cafe

Nothing beats the theatre of grinding freshly roasted coffee beans in front of your customers. The aroma and visuals can't be topped.

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