Lotus Decaffeinated Roast

Lotus Decaffeinated Roast

Enjoy the taste of quality coffee without the caffeine quick. Lotus is an incredibly refreshing coffee, perfect for day or evening drinking and particularly good with milk or milk substitute. With tasting notes of green apple, cocoa and walnut this roast is a great balance of fruitiness and slight acidity with a nutty aftertaste. Certified Fairtrade.

Made in Chiapas Mexico, the process of decaffeinating coffee is one many remain unfamiliar with. Soaked in Green Coffee soluble extract and water, caffeine gradually migrates out of the green coffee beans whilst flavour is conserved through close monitoring of the solids, caffeine levels and moisture levels in the beans. This helps produce beans that are 99% caffeine free – leaving them ready to be bagged shipped and sold.

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