Fairtrade Coffee for Pet Care

Fairtrade Coffee for Pet Care

Since 1897, Blue Cross has been on a continuous mission to help sick, injured and homeless pets. No matter the type of furry friend – pets bring us so much joy and happiness, which is why at Blue Cross they want to give love back to the animals that give us so much love. Blue Cross help animals by providing low-cost veterinary care to people on means-tested benefits, a free Pet Bereavement Support Service, educational talks, behaviour training and rehoming services to help homeless pets find a forever home. Care doesn’t just end when an animal is adopted – Blue Cross offers owners and pets continuous support, with their aim to create lifelong relationships. Blue Cross currently care for up to 40,000 pets a year – but this is not enough, no animal should endure homelessness, cruelty or inadequate healthcare. Blue Cross believes pets change lives, which is why they need your support.

With a donation of £20 (this being more than would be donated in your name if you purchased a case of our coffee) a horse can receive the needed hoof care, or for just £2 a day a cat can be kept warm in one of the Blue Cross Centres.

15% of profits from each bag is donated to the Blue Cross.

Animals deserve a warm place to sleep and a loving family - to find out more about the work of the Blue Cross, click here.