What Sort of Companies Are Choosing Fairtrade?

What Sort of Companies Are Choosing Fairtrade?

The Fairtrade Foundation was first founded in 1992 in an attempt to improve the lives of workers and their families by providing them with a minimum premium to help improve living conditions, provide farming tools and introduce a number of educational programmes to name just a few. But why has Fairtrade become so popular in a variety of organisations?

With sustainability becoming increasingly popular in recent years, the importance of operating ethically has become a significant influence in the way consumers perceive a business – with millennials being particularly conscious of a company's environmental stance. But why is it that millennials are taking a greater interest in an organization’s efforts to ensure their practices are sustainable, and how does a companies actions affect their perceptions of an organisation?

Many millennials have been brought up with greater access to information on climate change, with an insight into how unsustainable organisations have a direct impact on the environment. This has allowed them to form more educated opinions on how organisations should alter their current practices to incorporate greater levels of sustainability.

However, it is important to remember that it’s not just millennials that are asking for more sustainable business practices in organisations, with it becoming a universally encouraged trend by people of all ages. This comes with greater awareness of current issues, including plastic overuse, poor working conditions and underpaid workers.

Recent studies have suggested that 72% of individuals are more likely to purchase a product or service that is sustainable, with Fairtrade consumption also being highly popular amongst many individuals. This is due to the guarantee that farmers will receive a Fairtrade premium, but what is the premium total for Fairtrade coffee farmers?  In 2016 it was estimated that coffee farmers collectively received £65.9m in Fairtrade premiums on top of the minimum price. This money is reinvested to improve their social, economic and environmental conditions.

Due to the expectation for businesses to adopt more sustainable business practices, many companies are now ensuring they are ethical within their operational activities as it has high appeal to consumers.  It is now viewed as hip and trendy to be eco-conscious which is a great step forward! It’s great to care about the planet and many businesses agree, promoting this through many of their marketing outreaches – helping  demonstrate that ‘it’s cool to be kind’ and we couldn’t agree more.

It is so important to incorporate this concept within any business model, as it not only benefits the environment but helps to educate younger generations of the importance of green business. Those who promote their business as supporting Fairtrade, Ethical or sustainable practices are great examples of organisations paving the way, helping to ensure a better future through eco-conscious business development.

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But who are our current client base and who do we see choosing Underdog Coffee? We believe our brand to be both hip and trendy, with sustainability being at the forefront of our coffee production. With the need to be sustainable being increasingly important in business today, we have ensured all of our coffees meet this expectation – with all of our coffees achieving Fairtrade certification.

Our fantastic range of coffees support a variety of great cooperatives that help provide a better wage, a variety of education programmes and environmental restoration programmes. These cooperatives are a great way to ensure the lives of workers and their families are continuously improving and whilst we help support these great causes in other countries, we also support some fantastic charities in the UK too!

All Underdog Roasts

We have recently launched one of three new roasts that is acting as our charity roast, Mayflower. We wanted to give back to our city, which is why 15% of proceedings from this roast will be donated to a variety of local Plymouth charities. To find out more visit our Mayflower products listing page.

Those businesses we see using our coffee are those who have a similar mindset in terms of both charitable giving and sustainability. For the purpose of this post we have listed a few examples of organisations we see as typical customers of Underdog, with the first one being public sectors and charities.  

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Public sectors and charities are just two business types we can see providing Underdog Coffee in their organisations, but why is this? It is because of our like minded morals and compassion for helping the little guy. With examples of UK public sector employers being the NHS, Police force and Teach First, these organisations all aim to help others, which is an idea we incorporate in our own business model.

We can envision ourselves being received positively by a number of charities, with our commitment to charitable giving being mentioned earlier.   Currently supplying to Teach First and various NHS sites, Underdog coffee aims to expand and provide great quality Fairtrade coffee to more organisations/sites of this nature in the future.

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Another organisation we envisage our coffee being used in are cutting edge London companies, due to their cool and trendy nature. Companies like this are similar to design-led companies where it’s all about image – and keeping on trend, with sustainability being one of the most popular trends within businesses at the moment, we see our coffee as a perfect fit for these types of environments.

With both Fairtrade and Speciality Coffee Association certification our coffees are great for those on-trend organisations that are looking to make sure they are operating ethically in any way possible. When large organisations of this nature make decisions such as this it can influence the perceptions people have of their business – with the choice to offer Fairtrade coffee being received extremely positively. As mentioned earlier it is considered ‘cool to be kind’, with the choice to offer Fairtrade coffee showing that an organisation supports great causes, helping to ensure that workers and their families receive a fair premium.

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