Offering Coffee in the Workplace

Offering Coffee in the Workplace

Calling all office managers! Are you looking at providing your employees with access to coffee facilities in the workplace? You might be interested to know that offering coffee within the workplace has been linked with many psychological benefits, proving highly beneficial for both employers and employees – we’ll be exploring this throughout this post.

Boosting productivity

There have been numerous scientific studies that suggest coffee has a positive impact on many people’s productivity in the workplace – and this is due to several factors. Coffee is said to improve our mental performance and alertness due to caffeine’s ability to counteract the chemicals in our brains that cause drowsiness. Fighting off feelings of tiredness is just one benefit of your early morning brew, with another benefit linked to productivity being the improvement in an individual’s cognitive function.

Coffee has been linked with the ability to increase memory, with studies suggesting that the consumption of 200mg of caffeine can help you learn a number of words and phrases faster than if you were to attempt it without coffee! Coffee has therefore been argued to help people pick up skills faster, learn how to use particular technologies or comprehend information easier.
Whilst coffee is a great tool for boosting productivity it is also a great social tool, which can help increase feelings of connectedness in the office – this leads us nicely to our next point.

It promotes team building and communication

As mentioned earlier coffee is commonly referred to as a social tool, offering people an opportunity to connect with each other, within the workplace it can help build relationships which can help with team building and communication amongst colleagues. Coffee breaks have become a regular part of the office routine, with this time being highly valuable for co-workers to develop relationships with one another. This can have a direct effect on people’s happiness in the workplace – with positive work relationships being great for office efficiency and productivity. Not only is coffee brilliant for fostering workplace relationships, but it is a great way for new ideas to be discussed over a cup of joe.

It acts as a retention tool

Workplace happiness can be achieved with coffee in a number of ways, we’ve already discussed the use of coffee as a social tool helping to build positive workplace relationships, however, coffee also acts as an incentive for employees to take a job as well as a retention tool for those already in the organisation. Offering coffee in the workplace can increase feelings of positivity in the office, with many employees finding that access to a coffee machine makes them feel happier in the workplace than those who don’t have access to coffee facilities. A recent survey suggested that potential employees would be more inclined to accept a job offer if coffee facilities were offered to employees. Whether it be potential employees or already hired members of staff – offering coffee in the workplace is a great retention and acquisition tool for staff, boosting mindframes and showing your organisation to be caring for its employees.

Choosing to offer coffee to your employees is a great way to look after those working in your organisation and is a great way of demonstrating your other company values.

Demonstrating company values

Nowadays it is becoming increasingly important for organisations to show their values and beliefs in order to gain trust from consumers. I know what you’re thinking, how can you do this by offering coffee in the workplace? Coffee is the second most traded commodity after oil and ensuring that this industry adopts sustainable practices is becoming ever more important to coffee consumers. With a number of speciality, Fairtrade coffees available, it is great to select these to be used in the workplace as it shows your organisation’s commitment to the environment – demonstrating your morals and values. Ethical businesses are viewed extremely well by employees, customers, potential investors and other stakeholders, and by simply offering a range of Fairtrade or ethically manufactured coffee can help you communicate your efforts at being a more sustainable organisation.


Offering a range of not only sustainable and fairtrade coffee, but organic coffee as well can reflect your business in a positive light, showing you are inclusive of all employee requirements. By catering to all members of the team, you will be seen as an organisation who wants to look after everyone coffee needs, providing for those who are particularly environmentally conscious – selecting coffee that is free from chemicals or pesticides. These coffees can provide a number of health benefits – great for those who are health conscious as well as eco-conscious.

Offering these alternatives can prove great for your organisation’s reputation as well as impressing visitors in the workplace, which leads on to our next benefit.

Creating a great first impression

When you are in a business environment where client meetings are a regular activity on the daily agenda, having access to coffee facilities can be a great way to create a positive first impression. As the saying goes ‘first impressions count’ and in business environments, this is no exception, with no better way to impress potential investors or visitors than offering a great cup of coffee. Offering a delicious cup of coffee to visitors such as these is a great way to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for making a great first impression and creating a positive perception of your business from the first encounter.

It is undeniable that offering coffee in the workplace offers numerous benefits, including increased levels of creativity, productivity and overall wellbeing within the office. By rewarding your staff with high-quality coffee, you not only provide them with the opportunity to get their early morning caffeine kick but also provide them with the opportunity to create positive workplace relationships and ensure good communication and teamwork.

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