How to make a latte

How to make a latte

I like lattes. I like lattes a lot.


There that's done.

Lattes are the most popular milky-based coffee drink ordered in coffee shops and cafes followed closely by cappuccino and flat white.

Whether you're making a latte at home on a lazy Sunday, or you're an aspiring barista in Shoreditch, making a latte is one of those life skills everyone should know.

And it's really not that hard to make a latte.

Step 1: Make an Espresso

This is a latte glassThat's it; how ever you usually make an espresso, do that. Push a button on your bean to cup machine, pull an espresso shot. Whichever. Pour that into a latte glass. It's worth noting that you may want to go for a darker roast than usual when making a latte. For example, Firefly and Tromso are very good as standalone espresso shots, but many of our customers prefer El Capitan for milky drinks like lattes and cappuccinos.

Step 2: Steam a jug of milk

There are lots of ways to do this, but if you don't have a milk steamer already attached to your coffee machine, the easiest thing to do is to buy a milk steamer. Here's a good option.

Many bean to cup and espresso machines do have a steam wand, though, so make sure to check yours before buying a new one.

To steam the milk, you stick the wand in the jug, turn the steamer on, and let it doe its thing. Most will turn off by themselves.

You'll probably want to steam around eight ounces of milk per latte.

Here, watch this guy.

Step 3: Pour the milk into the latte glass

Be a bit gentle with this rather than dumping it in all at once, and you'll make a much nicer drink. The way the milk and coffee interact and fuse together is really quite pretty, and that's why I always prefer to use a transparent latte glass rather than a ceramic one.

If you want to get really into latte art, there are 28 million Google search results for latte art video. Definitely go down that rabbit hole for a few minutes, as it can be quite cool.

But don't let it intimidate you. Normal looking latte tastes just as delicious as a latte with a swan on top.

Curious how other coffee drinks are made and what goes into them? Check out Bibium's blog post with some cool coffee infographics.

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