Ethically Sourced

We hand select co-operatives with great stories – from the women’s co-op in Guatemala to the farmers in Peru who have to share their coffee farmland with armed extremists.

We like to think you can taste the good in our coffee; paying a Fairtrade premium means that farmers have a stable and predictable source of income, which lets them plan for the future and build their businesses, which in turn generates prosperity for the wider community.

Whilst Fairtrade isn’t the only way to ensure you’re supporting ethical business, it’s certainly a positive and trustworthy first step..

Bespoke Roasting

As an independent and specialty coffee producer, we roast on a small scale, so our coffee quality is never compromised. Large, high street coffee producers will have to buy 100,000 tonnes of coffee a year. Because they buy so much, they have to buy in a wide variety of beans – different origins, qualities, and tastes.

In order to get all 100,000 tonnes to taste the same, they over-roast the coffee to kill all the differences. A good steak and a bad steak both taste the same when they’re overcooked – it’s the same with coffee. Our coffee production is much more bespoke – we roast in batches to meet the needs of our clients, meaning our coffee is always fresh and tasting its best.

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